USAC’s port freeze rule eliminated, ObamaPhone customers can now switch companies at any time

The FCC and USAC just eliminated their annoying “port freeze” rule — the regulation that required ObamaPhone users to stay with their service provider for up to one year even if they had really good reasons to switch to a different company.

Obama is gone, and now his enemies want to kill the Obama Phone program

We live in dangerous times. Enemies of the Obama Phone program make no secret of the fact that they want to kill this valuable, important program that helps millions of needy Americans.

Tired of high prices, poor service, awful customer service: Americans want municipal broadband service

Pew surveyed more than 4,000 people and 70% of them said their local governments should be allowed to build their own high-speed networks if their other choices are “too expensive or not good enough.”

FCC changes Lifeline eligibility rules: Who are the winners? And who are the losers?

The FCC has eliminated a number of ways needy Americans have always used to qualify and introduced one very important new way to qualify. Of course there are winners, and there are losers.

Earthquake in Oklahoma: FCC slashes $25 per month subsidies. Unlimited plans to end?

In a ruling certain to cause major metaphorical earthquakes in Oklahoma, the Federal Communications Commission has slashed subsidies paid to Lifeline Assistance companies in the Sooner State.

FCC cracks down on Obama Phone fraud, fines eleven companies $90 million

The Federal Communications Commission has taken another major step in its efforts to reduce fraud and abuse in the Obama Phone program by assessing $90 million in fines against eleven companies that participate in the program across the country.

Georgia’s new $5 per month Obama Phone fee challenged by CTIA

Georgia has begun charging each Obama Phone user a $5 fee each month for what is supposed to be a free service. The CTIA has sued the state.