First it was the Obama Phone. Now here comes Obama Broadband.

The Obama Phone program, which provides telephone and texting service to low-income individuals, is going to be expanded to include broadband internet service. However, a few issues will have to be addressed before that happens. smeared in viral story about fraud, waste and abuse

So it came as quite a shock to see this website’s good name trashed in a viral news video produced by television station Denver CBS4. You’ll see our website prominently featured at the :48 mark of the video.

Obama Phone by the numbers

In an effort to counter some of the misconceptions about this outstanding program, we present this list of Obama Phone facts by the numbers.

California doubles down, offers Obama Phone companies more money

The California PUC just announced that it would ante up state funds and pay the Obama Phone companies more than double the federal subsidy for some accounts.

FCC cracks down on Obama Phone fraud, fines eleven companies $90 million

The Federal Communications Commission has taken another major step in its efforts to reduce fraud and abuse in the Obama Phone program by assessing $90 million in fines against eleven companies that participate in the program across the country.

Georgia’s new $5 per month Obama Phone fee challenged by CTIA

Georgia has begun charging each Obama Phone user a $5 fee each month for what is supposed to be a free service. The CTIA has sued the state.